2021 Lockdown Take-away Menu  - Dine out at home !.



Dublin bay prawns in homemade batter, with garlic and lemon mayonnaise 7.99

Cheesy nachos with tomato & guacamole 5.99


Cod, chips, mushy peas, tartar sauce and lemon wedge   £9.99  g/f £10.99

Large cod, chips, mushy peas /£12.99 gf £13.99

Battered Halloumi, chips, mushy peas £11.99g/£12.99

3 bean chilli, rice and chips £9.99

Aubergine slipper, filled with ratatouille topped with melted cheese served with salad and chips £12.99

Stuffed pepper filled with a Mediterranean mix topped with cheese served with salad and chips £12.99

Chickpea, mushroom, Panang Curry, hot sweet, sour, salty, rice and chips £12.99

Grove dirty fries, nachos, spicy Cajon mince, cheese, chips, guacamole £13.99

Chicken panang ,(hot , sweet, sour, salty )served with chips and rice  £12.99

Gressingham duck breast in a orange sauce with sautéed potatoes,& maple roasted vegetables £16.99

Fillet steak (medium rare) mushrooms’, onions, roasted maple vegetables potatoes, served with a red wine sauce £24.50

Venison steak. Mushrooms’, onions, roasted maple vegetables and potatoes, £24.50

Pork Glazed Sticky ribs, chunky chips, onion rings. £12.50 half / £20.00 full Rack.

Pan fried sea bass with ratatouille, sliced new potatoes, deep fried capers £16.99

Lobster Thermidor, topped with parmesan crust, salad, French fries £26.99 (24hrs notice)

Baked cod, king prawns, mussels in a light garlic, butter white wine sauce, served with new potatoes and peas   £22.99 


                   NEW Italian menu

Italian mixed olives £3.50

Succulent King Prawns in a tomato garlic & parsley sauce on toasted      Italian bread £7.25 

Mushroom Al Forno served in Garlic on Italian toasted bread £5.50

Garlic Bread topped with Italian cheese £5.50

Crispy chicken strips with grana padano Breadcrumbs with Dip £6.75


Homemade Lasagne layered with a rich full bodied beef ragu £10.95  

Homemade meat free Lasagne layered with a rich vegetable ragu £9.50

Spaghetti Bolognaise with a rich ragu topped with parmesan £10.50

Linguine Carbonara crispy smoked pancetta in rich cheese sauce £10.50

Penne Arrabiata with tomato, chilli, olives sauce £10.50

Linguine con frutti Di mare, prawn, mussels, clams, squid in a rich tomato and white wine sauce. £12.75

Ham, mozzarella, mushroom, pepper, Pizza £10.50

Roasted vegetable and mozzarella. Pizza £10.50


Mixed salad £3.75. Chips served with Garlic mayo. £3.95


Choc fudge cake, Choc brownie, Choc meringue, Raspberry meringue £4